Testimonial: Mail Boss vs. 30-Ton Farm Equipment

In the latest installment of our mailboxes versus giant moving objects, this Mail Boss in Sunnyside Washington was struck by a piece of 30-ton farm equipment, not once… but twice.

MailBoss Testimonial Farm Equipment

Handyman Frank emailed us to let us know how impressed he was with the toughness of our Mail Boss mailbox. In both cases, he was able to repair the Mail Boss after the impacts, which launched the mailbox a heck of a ways and, of course, destroyed the post.

He recounts:

“The mailbox I’m repairing belongs to [owner’s name] in Sunnyside Washington. Find attached pictures of your Mail Boss box that was hit by the farm equipment pictured.

The first hit caved in mail arm side of the mailbox and right edge so the doors wouldn’t open and broke the male arm bracket and put a bend in the arm. I took it to my shop and hammered it back into shape so the doors would open and it appeared more Square.

Then I called you and asked for a new mail arm holder, which you did send me free of charge. Thank you.

Second hit on the mailbox was on the mailbox arm and on the top right corner and caved it in so Top mailbox door would not open and as you can see took a chunk out of the right corner and damaged the outside frame of the front side of the mailbox.

I took the mailbox to my shop and was able to reshape the squareness of the box enough to where the top door will open. The box shows top right damage and still has some caved in spot on the right side by the mail arm holder.

Thank you for your help,


PS: You guys build one tough mailbox that took the abuse of a 20-ton piece of farm equipment. This is one for the record books.”

Here are all of the pictures that Frank shared!

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