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Posts Tagged ‘funnies’

Just for Fun: Mailbox Tampering

We found this picture online here and couldn’t resist sharing it, being Friday and all. This moose is clearly doesn’t realize that depositing in a mailbox mailbox tampering is a federal offense. Do you  have a better caption? Leave your caption in the comments! Happy Friday 🙂

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Just for Fun: Mail Thief FAIL!

A mail thief walks into an apartment building in Brooklyn, pries open some mailboxes and steals the mail. Before he leaves he steals the surveillance camera too, but not before removing the tape. He dumps the security tape at the scene of the crime, because what’s he going to do with it? Unfortunately for him,…

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Oh.My.Gawd. Don’t Use This Mailbox!

These pictures from Gawker are unbelievable! This Manhattan USPS mailbox has been taken over by a swarm of bees! Apparently this is a natural phenomenon that happens from time to time when hives get overcrowded. We recommend that you find another mailbox to use to send outgoing mail, until the appropriate beekeepers can come in…

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Just for Fun: Happy July 4th from Mail Boss!

When the smoke settles Tuesday, think of Mail Boss! We hope everyone has a happy, safe and fun-filled Independence Day. Just remember, if you happen to be victims of a July 4th prank gone awry and your mailbox needs replacement come Tuesday, don’t replace it with another tin shoebox on the side of the road.…

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Just for Fun: Green Beret Squirrel Guards Mail Boss

We received the greatest email ever today from a customer who recently purchased a Mail Boss from Wilco in Battleground, WA: “Rampant mail thefts this past weekend in our rural neighborhood prompted my installation of your secure mailboss box.  The box was purchased at Wilco in Battleground, WA.  *with local upgraded security options*” What’s so great…

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Just for Fun: A Very Trekky Mailbox

Boldly going where no mail has gone before! It’s great to see Sci-Fi fans taking their love the genre from tv screen to their curbside with these iconic sci-fi space ship mailboxes.

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Just for Fun: John Meets Bigfoot

Epoch Design Vice President and Mail Boss tradeshow representative extraordinaire just so happened to meet Bigfoot at the Spring Orgill Dealer Market! We thought he would be a little big bigger!

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Directions to a Snow-Covered White Mailbox

Not surprisingly, the postal carrier was having problems finding this Nashua man’s white mailbox. So, this New Hampshire homeowner took matters into his own hands and decided to point the mail carrier in the right direction: The story, reported by My Fox Boston, demonstrates real ingenuity (and a sense of humor) that we appreciate!

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Just for Fun: Doodle Approved Mailbox Installation!

Here’s a little pick-me-up (or is it a “pic” me up?) to get you through this pre-Memorial Day weekend Hump Day! These cute photos are of Bella, the Miniature Golden Doodle. She is clearly supervising the installation of a Mail Boss Surface Mount Post Package! All Mail Boss mailbox products shown have passed Bella’s rigorous…

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