Seattle Digs the Mail Boss

Seattle Times calls MailBoss “virtually inpenetrable”

Mail and identity theft has been increasing at an epidemic rate nationwide, and the Seattle area is no exception. A King County Prosecuting Attorney Policy Paper reads, “[…] during a time when the overall crime rate has dropped by more than 5%, reported mail theft has grown dramatically, suggesting that criminals have found a new way to steal. […] Victims of mail theft may not know that their incoming or outgoing mail has been intercepted, so the reported incidents probably underestimate the problem.”

One tried and true method of protecting yourself from mail theft is a truly secure locking security mailbox, like the MailBoss by Epoch Design. On September 15, 2007, the Seattle Times included Seattle mailbox manufacturer Epoch Design in a list of “5 Things We Dig: Secure Your Identity.”

“This virtually impenetrable mailbox from Redmond company Epoch Design should keep identity thieves at bay. The Mail Boss’ engineered design combines powder-coated galvanized steel, a welded body, stainless-steel hinges, a locking system and an anti-pry device. The United States Postal Service has tested and approved it.”


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