Pokémon Mailbox | Catch The Mail ~ Catch ‘Em All

Pokémania coming to a mailbox near you!

You know what we love right now? This Pokémon Mailbox!

Pokeman Mailbox Catch the Mail Catch them All


Pokémon Go is all the rage right now, and this is just one creative way to have a little fun with your mailbox.

Gotta love this play on words… Catch the Mail! Catch ‘Em All!

Get it? Because it’s a locking mailbox so you can Catch the Mail? (Maybe you can even set a lure down and catch a mail thief while you’re at it!)

This DIY mailbox art project combines a Mail Manager Prime RED with a little bit of flair… and voila! You have a Poké Ball on your box. We hear it will attract a Pikachu!

Who knows, maybe the Pokéman Go(ds) will even designate your mailbox as a PokéStop?

So go ahead and grab a mailbox….

mail manager red mailbox

… grab some paint…

And Catch ’em all!

Err, Catch the Mail!



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