Don’t think that simply having a locking mailbox will protect you. In some cases, it might. But there have been thousands of cases where individuals have had their mail stolen from a locking mailbox they thought was secure. While many locking mailboxes appear secure, they offer only a moment’s deterrence to mail and identity thieves. Other locking mailboxes may offer security, but at a much higher price than the MailBoss locking security mailbox. In this section, we examine some of the other locking mailboxes available on the market, and offer related material for your review.

Posts on Other Locking Mailboxes

  • Oasis Jr Mailboxes Pried Open, not the Package Master

    OtherLockingMailboxesTim shared this photo on the Mail Boss Facebook page: He jokes: “The mail thieves came back again and scratched my mailboss” … meaning, they weren’t able to do much more than that! Tim has the Mail Boss Package Master installed on a custom spreader next to his neighbors’ Oasis Jr mailboxes by our competitor, […]

  • 4th Locking Mailbox Finally Keeps Thieves Out

    Anti Pry Mail BossThe importance of getting a mailbox right the first time Increasingly, people understand the importance of using a locking mailbox to prevent the fast-growing crime of mail-identity theft. However, many people believe that any locking mailbox will be cause for thieves to move on to an easier target. The truth is, though, that more and more, […]

  • Attempted Mail Boss Mailbox Prying in Tuscon

    MailboxBurglaryMaureen called us today to let us know that after years of faithful service, her eight-year-old Mail Boss locking mailbox survived an attempted burglary in Tuscon, Arizona. As you can see from the pictures she provided, someone tried to pry open her Mail Boss mailbox using a screwdriver or a crowbar. There are places where the […]

  • “Locking Mailboxes Are Not Secure Mailboxes”

    ThankYouCustomer thankful that Mail Manager is more secure than other locking mailboxes Happy Mail Boss customer Pat emailed us to say that locking mailboxes are not secure mailboxes, and give thanks for the secure Mail Manager product and excellent customer service. After purchasing a lower quality locking mailbox, she did her research and decided to […]

  • Cascade Pest Locking Mailboxes Burglarized

    MailboxBurglary(Pro-tip: There’s a solution for that!) One of our vendors sent us a letter stating that payments may have been stolen from the mail. While many people have moved away from uses checks to pay bills, most businesses still send and receive payments by mail. Locking mailboxes can prevent checks from being stolen from the […]

  • Lodi Prying Thieves Target Mail Boss

    MailboxBurglaryMail thieves in Lodi have burglarized 3 other models of locking mailboxes; can’t defeat Mail Boss Nancy has spent dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars trying to deal with the mail thieves that have been raiding her Lodi California mailbox. When she first learned that her mail was being stolen, she purchased a locking […]

  • Homeowners Replace Wyngate with “Superior” MailBoss

    TestimonialsPeter from SeaTac contacted us about a group discount for a mailbox order. His neighbors had been using the Gibraltar Wyngate locking mailbox but were looking for an upgrade. So, he got a bunch of people together to purchase Mail Boss secure locking mailboxes. Whenever someone purchases more than 4 Mail Boss units, we can […]

  • Mail Boss “so much better than SOLAR GROUP” Mailsafe

    TestimonialsYou know what they say about opinions? They’re just like… belly buttons! Everyone has one. Well, we happen to agree with Stephen’s opinion that the Mail Boss is so much better than the Mail Safe. He sent us an email saying: “I just purchased and installed a Mail Boss 7106 and love it!  Fantastic mailbox […]

  • Mail Boss Withstands Neighborhood Mailbox Burglar

    Residential locking mailboxes in Olympia neighborhood picked open by thief, but Mail Boss not compromised We just received an email from Luke in Olympia, who wrote us to say that all his neighbors’ locking mailboxes were picked open, but his Mail Boss remained secure. This is our favorite kind of customer feedback, because it means […]

  • Just for Fun: (Apparently) MailSafe FAIL!

    On Craigslist I saw this used MailSafeTM by Solar Group for sale for $15. In and of itself, this is not blog-worthy. However, if you look closely you see that the MailSafe (which we’ve reviewed previously) is actually sitting atop the Mail Boss locking mailbox package! See??? Apparently, they have upgraded to the Mail Boss: […]