MailBoss Post Installation with Deep Frost

Question from Mail Boss Locking Mailbox Dealer in Stamford, CT

Recently, we received an email from a new Mail Boss locking mailbox dealer in Stamford Connecticut, where they have very cold winters. Bob from Karp’s True Value wrote:


I work at Karp’s True Value Hardware in Stamford, CT. We just began carrying your locking mailbox products; I’m impressed by their strength & design. My question is in regards to the posts: Is 12″ deep enough for the frost line? Around here, the rule of thumb is usually 18″.

We often receive this question from people who live in very cold environments such as New England and the Midwest. John DeRaspe from the Mail Boss responds:

Hi Bob,

Very good question and thank you for seeing the unique details we have built into every Mail Boss locking mailbox. This is covered in the post instructions which can be found in the box or on our website

The posts were designed so that a treated 4×4 will fit inside them. If you wanted your post to be buried 18″ you simply insert the 4×4 into the post so that 6″ of post protrudes out from the steel on the bottom. I have relatives in Maine and they go to 3.5′ on posts. The same can be done with that. I also recommend using “rebar” stakes going out from the hole at angles before the cement is poured, especially when more than one Mail Boss is mounted on one post. The Post has holes near the bottom that you can use to secure the wood inside the post.

If you have any other questions please let us know.


John DeRaspe

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