Mail Theft Monday – 11/22/10

This week it’s going to be brief. Not going to lie – I’m going to Mexico… like, right MEOW!

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Maui Meadows Mail Thief -11/18/10

Last night between the hours of midnight and 8AM, some icehead stole my outgoing mail from my mailbox. Nothing too important in there… but I had to re-do all my mail for the day. Major pain in the ass for me. I live on Akala Drive. This stealing crap is getting out of hand here… […]

Police Warn of ID Theft Increase
The Daily Weston – 11/18/10

(WESTON, CONNECTICUT) “Identity theft is a growing crime, even in Weston.

“I wouldn’t say it happens a lot, but it does happen,” Weston Police Detective Carl Filsinger said about identity theft. A Cedar Hills resident recently reported that the mail had been stolen, and Filsinger said, “It is not the first time mail was taken from this resident.”

He said mail theft often takes place where mailboxes are in clusters or in secluded areas. Most people aren’t even aware that a theft occurred because they might not be aware of the mail’s existence, Filsinger said. It is also difficult to investigate mail theft unless the perpetrator uses a stolen credit card or does something that alerts authorities.

“In one past case a contractor took credit cards and went straight to Home Depot in Fairfield. Fortunately, I had store cameras to make an identification and arrest. Although I haven’t seen this too much in recent years, it still does happen. Thieves now are able to steal personal information through phone calls and email contacts.”

Filsinger advises people to check their mail as soon as possible and to assist neighbors who do not have easy access to their mailboxes or who are disabled.

“In most cases [identity theft] is organized crime and stretches out across state and country lines,” Filsinger said. “You may think you have phone numbers, addresses, names, and other suspect information but in reality you don’t. Skillful con artists and organized identity theft rings cover up all information that leads back to them. On occasion they make mistakes but not too often. The focus in this type crime must be on prevention through awareness. Pass this on to anyone you know or to anyone you feel may be most vulnerable.””

Green County Thieves Stealiing Checks From Mailboxes
New on 6 -11/17/10

(TULSA, OKLAHOMA) “The turkey isn’t even cooked yet and criminals are already messing up the shopping season, by stealing checks out of your mailbox. They use those checks to go on shopping sprees of their own, ruining your good name in the process.

Amy mailed three utility bills recently by stamping them, putting them in her mailbox on the street and putting up the flag. Within an hour, they’d been stolen.

Amy, Mail Theft Victim: “We got a knock on the door and it was the police.”

Lori Fullbright, News On 6: “Really, what’d they say?”

Amy, Mail Theft Victim: “Telling us they had our utility bill in their hand, that our mail had been stolen and found in another neighborhood, in another lady’s mailbox.

Now Amy had to wonder who had her checks, what were they going to do with them and what would happen to her identity and credit rating.

“Course, I freaked out, started panicking,” she said. “What do I do, what do I do, what do I do?”

She closed her checking account and waited. Sure enough, the thief had washed her check to ONG, which means they use a liquid to wash off the ink she used, then the thief went to Wal-Mart and tried to write the check for a $105 purchase.

“The day before, a guy was arrested walking on the streets, taking people’s mail and he was still in jail, so it was a different guy,” Amy said.

Police say this problem is only get to worse as the holidays approach when people send cards with checks and gift cards in them. Don’t ever mail anything with money in it from your mailbox, only mail them at the post office or a blue post office box.

Lori Fullbright, News On 6: “Will you ever mail bills from your mailbox again?”

Amy, Mail Theft Victim: “No, no, no, no.”

Ways to help prevent theives from stealing checks from your mailbox:

  • Use gel pens instead of ink on your checks and the thieves can’t wash them, but still, don’t mail them from your mail box, because the crooks can still use the information from your checks to damage your identity and credit.
  • Don’t have your bank mail your box of checks to you, go pick them up in person or have them sent to a place where someone can get them.
  • Don’t think it can’t happen to you. News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright once interviewed a couple of guys caught who told said they drove around each day, opening up mailboxes, looking for checks and they usually opened 500 a day.”

COMMENTS: HELLO! Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country!!! DON’T send checks int he mail Also, people need to use a high security locking mailbox like the MAIL BOSS – which can’t be fished by hand or easily pried open with a screwdriver – to prevent mail identity theft. You get credit card statements, bank account information and more in your mailbox. LOCK IT UP – with the Mail Boss.

WPD solve mailbox crime spree, burglary
Tri County Leader – 11/12/10

(WHITEHOUSE, TEXAS) “Whitehouse Police Lt. D. McCartney responded to a complaint of mail being stolen from a mailbox Friday, Nov. 12.

The Caller was able to provide the first three digits of the license plate, described the vehicle as a gold colored pickup truck and that the driver was wearing a black ball cap and white shirt. The caller also identified the area that the suspect(s) were last seen. […]”

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