Mail in a Shoebox?

Without a locking mailbox you may as well receive your mail in a shoebox

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Most Americans receive their credit cards, credit card offers, checkbooks, social security checks, bank statements, bills, and other sensitive financial information in the mail. Yet, most mailboxes sit unlocked, unprotected, and vulernable to mail theft. This is equivalent to having your most private personal and financial information delivered by the postal officer into a shoe box on the street, for anyone to take.

While most people believe that they will not become victims of mail theft — otherwise, they may think, why don’t more people have locking mailboxes ? — the sad reality is that people with unlocked mailboxes will not know if their mail is stolen. You might not learn that mail was taken from your mailbox until months later when collection agencies begin to call, a warrant is issued for your arrest in your name, or your credit and good name is ruined. All of this can happen to you when you leave your personal and sensitive mail unlocked and unprotected on the side of the street, where any petty thief can use your mail to assume your identity, make purchases, run up bills, and even commit crimes in your name.

Mail theft is a rapidly growing problem, and is a common cause of identity theft. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America since 2002 according to the FTC, and claimed over 9 million Americans as victims last year alone. Resourceful criminals can assume an entire person’s identity simply with access to one or more pieces of personal or financial information.

Doesn’t it make a lot of sense to have your sensitive personal mail protected in a security locking mailbox when it is delivered at the street? Identity theft is an epidemic in the United States, and if you become a victim, it promises to ruin your credit and take months to reconcile. A secure locking mailbox such as the Mail Boss curbside locking mailbox will protect your mail and your identity, and provides peace of mind and real security at an affordable price.

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