Mail Identity Theft on the Rise

Animation illustrates national epidemic of mail theft & identity theft

This YouTube video shows the increase in mail and identity theft nation wide over the past few years. As you can see, mail theft and identity theft is a massive problem of a national scale that is growing at an alarming rate.

Criminals steal your mail to gain your sensitive personal and financial information, and if your mailbox is unsecured, you often will not find out your mail has been stolen until it is too late. The best line of defense against mail identity theft is a secure locking mailbox like the Mail Boss locking security mailbox.

Made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel and weighing in at 41 lbs, the Mail Boss is a postal fortress. Dubbed “Postbox Maximus” by Popular Mechanics, the MailBoss security mailbox features a patented anti-theft locking mechanism to prevent leveraged entry. Unlike other locking mailboxes, which can be opened in just seconds with a household screwdriver, the Mail-Boss will not yield to prying hands so you know your mail will be safe until you retrieve it with your unique key.

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