Mail Boss Wall Mount Mail Boxes

An Answer for Urban Mail Theft Prevention

A locking wall-mount mailbox is a great addition to your home, especially when you consider that a majority of Identity Theft occurs in urban areas. What isn’t so well known about identity theft, is just how disproportionate that majority is. In fact, a recent statistical analysis of the Postal Service found that over 90% of financial crimes involving mail theft occur in urban areas. Interestingly, credit card thefts are specifically more common in rural areas, while identity theft is specifically more common in high-income neighborhoods.

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It is evident that mail theft and subsequent related crimes occur everywhere. Although the frequency and specificity of crimes vary with the social landscape, no area is completely safe. A locking mailbox from Mail Boss eliminates your fear and worry, especially if you’re preoccupied with ID theft, credit card theft, check fraud, or any of the other nasty consequences of mail theft. We’ve shown a number of tasteful applications of Mail Boss products for those living in a stand alone house or a more secluded neighborhood.

But what about those living in a more urban area, in an apartment building or a townhouse? Not everyone has the space or means to set up a big sturdy Mailbox especially if you’re living in a communal space. And in an urban setting, where these crimes are more likely to occur, residents need all the help they can get. Which is why, we at Mail Boss are proud to tout our line of Wall Mount Mailboxes All the high security of your typical locking Mail Boss box with a sleeker, smaller design geared towards those with the hustle and bustle lifestyle common to city dwellers.

WallMountMailboxesThese high security and durable locking wall-mount mailbox are available in both a contemporary and classic design, matching your style needs, while ensuring your personal and financial information will be entirely safe, no matter what.

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