Mail Boss Testimonial from Reno, NV

Kim says, “Thank You for saving me the hassles that my neighbors are going through”


I don’t know who should receive this, but I have to tell you what recently happened with a curbside Mailboss I purchased from you some time in May.

I had been having problems with somebody stealing my mail and others in my neighborhood. I had an unlocked mailbox so the only reason I knew something was going on was that some of my junk mail and that of our neighbors was found scattered around the neighborhood several times. Most of my neighbors thought it was just some local punk kids. I wasn’t so sure about that after seeing a few news reports and some articles in our local newspaper about identity theft.

Anyway, I researched locking mailboxes and found that the Mail Boss brand was the best security mailbox I could buy for the price. None of my neighbors thought we had a serious problem and didn’t want to spend the money to make sure their mail was secure. I didn’t argue, I just decided to do what I thought best for me.

To make a long story short, by late August two of these neighbors had two different accounts opened in their names and received the bills via mail. One ended up having a $2475 Visa bill for a card they never opened. The other one found out they owed $725 on a cell phone account that they knew nothing about. Neither neighbor ended up paying anything when all was said and done, but they sure had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get things straightened out.

I just wanted to tell you Thank You for saving me the hassles that my neighbors are going through. Needless to say they ended up buying their new security mailboxes from you as well.


Reno, NV

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