Mail Boss Survives Another Car Accident

Happy Customer says “Great Product”

Steve from Lacenter, Washington was shocked after his Mail Boss survived being hit by a car moving at 50 mph. He contacted us because to share his story:

“The guy that hit it said he was going 50 mph +, as you can see the only damage is the mounting plate and the flag. GREAT PRODUCT!”

The impact was hard enough to completely rip the mounting post out of the ground and send the mailbox, post, and plate flying down the street:

Like we often see, the only serious damage was to the mounting plate, which was completely bent out of shape:

Well, his flag was a bit bent out of shape too…  or shall we say, missing some pieces:

But as you can see, the Mail Boss is completely in tact! We’re not joking when we say “virtually indestructible” … it’s one tough cookie!

We are sending Steve a new mounting plate so his Mail Boss can stand to see another day, or… car, as it were.


  1. Jason on September 23, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    I wonder what happened to the vehicle It probably sustained more damage than the Mail Boss, which looks like it’s smarting over the incident without a scrape or bruise to speak of. I’m sold!

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