Mail Boss Hit by Semi Truck, Virtually Undamaged

It’s another tale of survival.

Mailbox survival.

Nick  owns a curbside Mail Boss. One fall day in Wisconsin, his mailbox was struck by a semi-truck. Thanks to super durable construction and the innovative Fast-Trak Mounting Plate, his mailbox lived to see another day. He called us and shared this story and we gave him another Mounting Plate. Now, his mailbox is right as rain.

Nick writes:

Here are the pictures!  Thanks again, and even though a semi hit this one, all it needs is the base plate replaced, and a little touch up and she’ll be good as new!

I bet you want to see the pictures:

1467 1468 1469 1470Pretty awesome, huh?

If you have an awesome story of mailbox survival, we would love to share it. Please contact us!

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