Mail Boss Featured in Locksmith Ledger

Our very own Mail Boss locking security mailbox was recently featured in Locksmith Leger magazine. Here’s what they have to say:

From “Meet the Mail Boss” (November 2010):

Market these secure mailboxes to customers concerned about identity fraud resulting from mail theft.

If your locksmith business is located in a suburban area which has mail delivered to individual mailboxes located curbside, then Mail Boss has a very secure mail box product for you.

Doors on regular “U” shaped mail box units are simply held closed with a friction catch or magnet. Thieves know this and sensitive mail in mailboxes can be a prime target.

Identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. According to Mail Boss, 1 in 25 Americans are victims of ID fraud each year. The majority of ID information is compromised through low-tech methods such as stolen wallets, purses and mail. Most people do not realize that their mail was stolen. The thieves leave the junk mail and only take mail which is valuable to them.

Epoch Design is a company which manufactures wood and metal furniture in Redmond, WA. After the owner of Epoch Design had his own mail stolen two times within two months, he decided there was a need for a more secure mail box unit and the Mail Boss was developed.

Mail Boss mailboxes are designed in a similar way to a drop safe. A door at the top of the unit can be freely opened by the mailman. Protective inner baffling directs incoming mail downward to a large holding area in the Mail Boss unit. A platform in the upper area of the mailbox can hold outgoing mail for the mailman. The lower door to the holding area is equipped with a tubular lock which uses a hook cam for secure anti-pry locking.

One caption in the Mail Boss brochure shows the rear axle tire of a truck resting on the top of a Mail Boss mailbox. The Mail Boss box is undamaged, showing the strength of 12 and 14 gauge welded steel construction and stainless steel hinges. The galvanized steel mailboxes are available in powder coated finishes of black, white, granite (grey), bronze and galaxy (speckled) finishes.

Accessories include in-ground and surface mounted posts. Mail Boss mailboxes feature a Fast-Trak installation system. A special plate is first attached to the mailbox post. The Mail Boss box then slides onto the plate. Anchor bolts holding the plate and box together are mounted inside the mailbox. Once the door is locked, access to the mounting bolts is covered.

Other accessories include various spreader bars so two, three or four mail boxes can be mounted on the same post. Another accessory is a newspaper holder which can be mounted below a Mail Boss unit.

Outer dimensions of the Mail Boss is approximately 13” high, 11” wide and 19” deep. A Package Master mailbox is available for larger package deliveries. Dimensions of the Package Master are approximately 16” high, 12” wide and 19” deep.

Wall mounted Metro and Townhouse models are also available. These mailboxes project out from the wall approximately 5 3/4”.

Mail Boss products have bright packaging and contain easy-to-read impulse sale messages which will help move Mail Boss products out of your store.

Brochures and other sales helpers are available from Mail Boss.

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