Lodi Prying Thieves Target Mail Boss

Mail thieves in Lodi have burglarized 3 other models of locking mailboxes; can’t defeat Mail Boss

Nancy has spent dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars trying to deal with the mail thieves that have been raiding her Lodi California mailbox. When she first learned that her mail was being stolen, she purchased a locking mailbox in an attempt to solve the problem. Unfortunately for her, the thieves were able to get into her locking mailbox to steal her mail.

She tried three different models of locking mailboxes, and three different times, the thieves were able to violate these other locking mailboxes. Finally, she had enough and purchased a high security locking mailbox: The Mail Boss. She hoped this would stop the thieves, once and for all.

Recently, she contact us to report that her Mail Boss was attacked and once again, the thieves tried to pry it open. This time, though, they were unsuccessful. She writes:

“After my “high security” mailbox was broken into and destroyed in October 2013 and my new driver’s license was stolen, I replaced it with a Mail Boss Epoch 7108. Last weekend the thieves were back. They tried using a pry bar all across the top of the locking door. Then they attacked a corner, bending it slightly. I think the last thing they attacked was the key hole. This they damaged enough that the lock will have to be replaced but they never got in and my mail was safe!

Living in the country near an urban area [Stockton] puts a lot of pressure on a locking mailbox (or any mailbox). The Mail Boss was my 4th investment and it now seems, my last.”

Nancy took extreme measures to ensure a secure installation of her Mail Boss, including railroad ties, rods, and even a forklift. She felt these measures were necessary, though, since her second locking mailbox was stolen right out of the ground… post, cement and all.

Here is an image of the Mail Boss after the attempted break-in:

MailBossBreakIn_NancyRipken_PSDYou can see the door and the lock sustained a little bit of damage, but the mailbox is still totally functional. And most importantly, as Nancy said, the thieves were unsuccessful (finally!) in stealing her mail.

We have arranged for Nancy to receive a replacement lock and key set, so her Mail Boss is virtually good as new. We are hopeful that Nancy’s Mail Boss will be the end of the proverbial road for Lodi mail thieves.

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