How does the mailman put mail in Mail Boss locking mailbox?

Many people are curious about how mail carriers deliver mail to secure locking mailboxes. At Mail Boss, we give priority to mailbox security while ensuring that mail delivery is efficient. According to USPS regulations, mail carriers cannot be required to use a key to access personal residential mailboxes. In response to this regulation, we have designed our mailboxes to facilitate deliveries without the need for a key. Here’s how it works:

Keyless Mail Delivery:

  • Upper Unlocked Door: Mail carriers deposit your mail through the dedicated upper incoming mail door, eliminating the need for keys.
  • Mail Slots or Bins: These strategically designed slots or bins securely capture incoming mail, preventing fishing attempts.

Enhanced Security Features:

  • Locking Delivery Boxes: Made from robust, vandal-proof steel, these compartments offer an extra layer of protection.
  • Secure Patented Anti-Pry Latch: Access your mail using a unique, laser-cut key that unlocks the secure latch. This ensures only authorized individuals can retrieve your mail.

Visualizing Mailbox Capacity:

Check out the informative videos included below to see the different sizes of Mail Boss mailboxes and the types of deliveries they can accommodate.

REGULAR Capacity: 3-7 days

Secure and affordable curbside box accepts packages up to 3.5″h x 10.2″w and can accept mail bundles, books, prescription medications, magazines and checks. Innovative baffle door deters both hand & tool fishing.

Mail Manager®

Starting at $109.99

MEDIUM Capacity: 1 – 2 weeks

Mail Boss®

Starting at $189.99
The original and popular residential curbside locking mailbox, accepts packages up to 1.9″h x 10.25″w and accepts mail bundles, books, prescription medications, magazines and checks. Incoming mail slot deters fishing by hand.

LARGEST Capacity: 7-10 days

Our largest residential mail box, ideal for commercial use, and bulk mail deliveries. Accepts legal size envelopes and packages up to 4.5″h x 4.5″w x 10.5”l. Mail shield prevents both hand & tool fishing while allowing for large deliveries.

Package Master®

Starting at $279.99

Peace of Mind with Mail Boss:

By choosing a Mail Boss locking mailbox, you gain peace of mind knowing your mail is:

  • Secure: Protected from theft and tampering.
  • Convenient: Easy for mail carriers to deliver and for you to access.

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