Haller Lake Community Mail Manager Order

Steve Warren of the Haller Lake neighborhood in Seattle was tired of having his mail stolen from his locking mailbox, so he purchased a Mail Manager high-security mailbox from Epoch Design.

Pleased with the quality of his mailbox, Warren posted in a neighborhood forum sharing his experience and asking whether other residents might be interested in also purchasing a secure Mail Manager. The response was positive, so Warren contacted us to inquire about bulk order discounts for his community.

Epoch Design offers discounted pricing for large quantity orders, so we were able to provide the Haller Lake community with 60 Mail Manager units at near wholesale cost.

Today, three Haller Lake homeowners arrived at our warehouse with flat-bed trucks to pick up the community Mail Manager order, accompanied by a news team.

JoeMorenoKomo4-4Apparently, Warren’s actions peaked the interested of Joel Moreno, KOMO 4 News reporter, who was interested in doing a story on homeowners taking proactive measures to find solutions to ongoing crime problems. He had seen Warren’s post rallying the community to a bulk purchase of secure mailboxes, and wanted to let viewers know that they too could take measures to protect against mail theft.

Moreno spent time at our headquarters speaking with Epoch Design owner and Mail Boss inventor David Bolles, who explained the high security features of Mail Boss security mailboxes.

It’s no secret that mail-identity theft has plagued the greater Seattle area for some time, and a secure locking mailbox is a first defense against mail thieves. Most victims don’t even realize when their mail has been stolen, so using a quality lockable mailbox can provide great peace of mind.

Look for the special interest segment to air tonight on KOMO 4 News at 4:00pm and 5:00pm.

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