FAQ: Upgrading from another locking mailbox, will I need a new post?

MailBossFAQOften times, customers already have a locking mailbox installed on a mailbox post, but for security reasons, want to upgrade to a Mail Boss mailbox. Whether the post is one specifically designed for a locking mailbox, or a standard treated 4×4 wood post, it’s already cemented into the ground; and let’s face it… it’s a hassle to remove it!

We’re often asked whether a new post is needed, or the existing post will need to be modified in any way.

The short answer is: usually, no.

So long as your post is sturdy in the ground and can support the weight of the Mail Boss model, you should be able to use your existing post with your new Mail Boss mailbox.

Here is one such inquiry from Dave:

“[Mail Boss is a] Very interesting product. I currently have an Oasis Jr. However, after it was forced open once last year, I’ve lost confidence in it. It’s mounted on the square steel Oasis post. Will your Mail Boss attach easily to that post, or will I need to either swap posts or do some weird modifications? Thanks!”

And our response:

 “The Oasis is a one-second screwdriver pop, unfortunately (at least, last time we tested it, unless they’ve made improvements since then). All the Mail Boss models feature a patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism, so while nothing is 100% theft proof, our mailboxes take a very long time to get into, which provides real security and deterrence to thieves. The product line developed out of our company owner’s own experiences with other lower quality locked mailboxes that were pried open, too.

If you get the Mail Boss or the Package Master, it includes a Fast-Trak Mounting Plate which you should be able to easily attach to the Oasis post without modifications. If you get the Mail Manager you will likely have to use a piece of wood in between if you are not using the matching Mail Boss post.”

How sturdy is your post?

The most important thing to ask yourself is whether your existing post can support the weight of your new mailbox. Since Mail Boss mailbox models are heavier than most other locking mailboxes — 23 lbs, 40 lbs, and 53 lbs for the Mail Manager, Mail Boss, and Package Master respectively — they require a post that is sturdily secured in the ground with cement.

What about the ‘Mounting Plate’?

In terms of the attachment of the mailbox to the post itself, that is usually not a problem. The Mail Boss and the Package Master include the patented Fast-Trak Mounting Plate, which has a nearly universal hole pattern; the Mail Manager has pre-drilled holes that align to those most commonly found on mailbox posts, and can be used with an intermediary wooden platform in other cases.


  1. Roger on November 6, 2015 at 4:17 am

    I like how you mentioned that removing the old post for the mailbox was a hassle. It definitely was for me. I wish I would have known that I didn’t need a new post for my new locking mailbox. I believe the old post would have been okay to support the new mailbox. Hopefully people will do a little more research when looking to get new mailboxes to avoid the hassle of removing the old post.

  2. Carletta Stephens on April 2, 2022 at 3:33 pm

    We have lockable mailboxes on our street. Each one is for 8 families. The one we use is needing a paint job pretty bad. It still works but is an eyesore. Can we paint it or is USPS responsible?

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