MailBoss: The Mailbox Baseball Cure

Stop Mailbox Baseball Vandalism with the Durable Mail Boss Mailbox For those of you looking to establish a baseball bat cemetery in your front yard, look no further! Mail Boss security mailboxes will manifest your suburban revenge fantasy. Bolt down a post mount Mailboss and expect zero buyer’s remorse. Your purchase will have mailbox vandals limping…

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Mail Boss Anecdote #1

What Not To Do With Your Husband’s Harley Davidson

  1. Don’t hide it.
  2. Don’t flush it down the toilet.
  3. Don’t give it to the baby to chew on.
  4. Don’t confuse it with the mailbox key and put it in the mailbox and turn it partway and get it stuck so that you have to call John at Mailboss and have a new lock sent and then have to call Harley Davidson to have a new key sent from Michigan (or wherever they come from) and then have to drill the lock out to replace the old one that is destroyed and not be able to see your mail for 4 days because it is stuck in the mailbox! (That’s what I did) 🙂
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DIY Mailbox Snow Plow Survival…

In some parts of the country, people go to great lengths to ensure their mailboxes aren’t destroyed by snow plows. This blog post we found by Patricia Gay features photos of her neighbor’s DIY mailbox project to protect against snow plow damage. images sourced here. She calls this “Yankee ingenuity” –  we call it a…

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“Senior Citizen” says Mail Boss easy to install

Victoria from Indianapolis purchased a Mail Boss Townhouse to secure her mail. She was apparently quite pleased with her purchase, as she sent us this photo. We were quite pleased with the picture too, so we thought we’d share it here! Victoria writes: “It took less than an hour for this senior citizen to install…

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Bill is smart. Be like Bill.

Here is our rendition of the meme that has stolen the internet recently: It’s true, though. If you go for a cheap low-quality locking mailbox, you are still at significant risk for mail-identity theft, since thieves are resorting to prying open “locking” mailboxes more and more frequently.

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Just for Fun: An Identity Thief’s Christmas

December, we rejoiced in the spirit of giving, danced in the snowflakes, celebrated with holiday cheer, and… witnessed lots and lots of mail and package thefts. In the spirit of the holidays (yeah, yeah, we know it’s almost February!) we thought we’d bring you a little Christmas poem, courtesy of Identity Theft Resource Center: A Mail Thief’s Christmas…

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Just for Fun: German Shepherd vs. Mail Truck

It’s Friday, and we’re dog lovers, so we’re sharing this great video of a German Shepherd attacking a mail track. I think the dog is actually going after the windshield wipers, and in all fairness it’s not raining out, so I’d say the postal carrier is messing with this playful pup!

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Just for Fun: Mailbox Tampering

We found this picture online here and couldn’t resist sharing it, being Friday and all. This moose is clearly doesn’t realize that depositing in a mailbox mailbox tampering is a federal offense. Do you  have a better caption? Leave your caption in the comments! Happy Friday 🙂

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Just for Fun: Mail Thief FAIL!

A mail thief walks into an apartment building in Brooklyn, pries open some mailboxes and steals the mail. Before he leaves he steals the surveillance camera too, but not before removing the tape. He dumps the security tape at the scene of the crime, because what’s he going to do with it? Unfortunately for him,…

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Mail Boss on Facebook!

Dear Friends, Do you like us? Aw shucks, we like you too! We also hope you’ll “Like” our Facebook page – we’ve been posting all kinds of interesting stuff lately… like pictures of low life mail thieves, information on mail-identity theft in your area, details on where to find our products, and we may even…

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