A Blogger’s Take on Mail-Identity Theft

This blog post by SusanHi is one of the most comprehensive discussion of mail-identity theft and preventative measures you should take that we have seen online… almost anywhere! We should have shared it years ago, when it was first published. But, better late then never.

MailIDtheftShe was inspired to share her story and insights after a neighbor returned several days worth of mail that was stolen from her curbside mailbox and strewn about the neighborhood. 

Some of her most poignant observations:

  • There are sloppy criminals and organized criminals engaging in this enterprise.
  • There are times of the year where you can expect USPS mail theft to be worse than normal:  Christmas, tax season, etc.
  • As the economy continues to worsens and more folks face unemployment that crime is on the rise everywhere.
  • We have to get a little more paranoid.  We have to take a defensive, proactive posture.

She also provides helpful tips on preventative steps, what to do if your mail or identity is stolen, and how to tell if you might be a victim of mail/identity theft. Read the full post here.

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