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12 million Americans were victims of ID Theft in 2011

Mail theft is one of the easiest and most common ways thieves get your info - Are you protected?

Locking Malbox - Protect Your Identity with Mail Boss®

"Secure" mailboxes by competitors can be easily violated. Learn more.

MAIL BOSS has patented security features to stop thieves and protect your identity.

Locking Malbox - Prevent Leveraged Entry with Mail Boss®

Stop replacing your mailbox due to snow plows and vandalism.

With heavy-gauge galvanized steel construction, MAIL BOSS is the last mailbox you'll buy!

Locking Malbox - Strength, Durability, Mail Boss®

Popular Mechanics hails Mail Boss "Postbox Maximus"

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Locking Malbox - Postbox Maximus is Mail Boss®


The Mail Boss high security locking mailbox is your best defense against identity theft, the nation's fastest growing crime. Stolen mail is a leading cause of ID theft and the Mail Boss delivers unrivaled security and protection against mail thieves. While most locking mailboxes appear secure, they can be easily violated by hand or with a screwdriver in just seconds. Not the Mail Boss! With its heavy-gauge steel construction and an exclusive patented anti-pry latch to prevent leveraged entry, the USPS approved Mail Boss delivers unrivaled security and protection against mail theft, identity theft, and vandalism, and is the most affordable secure locking mailbox available.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "Love our new Mail Boss locking mail box. Excellent customer service, great price, nice color selection and the strongest, best locking mail box on the market. Thanks!!!"

    -Carol & Marty

  • "We ordered the Boss mail box and set it in the ground with enough concrete to support its “greatness” as it deserved. During Hurricane Ike, as it was heading directly for us, our oak tree near the street just couldn’t stand anymore. The winds forced it over just before the eye of the storm passed over. The neighborhood was pitch black but armed with flashlights we discovered the oak laying across the road. We quickly looked for the mailbox to be crushed somewhere among the limbs but instead our mouths fell open in amazement. The tree limbs forked around it when it fell, never touching it not even a scratch. It was like…. it was “The Boss” and untouchable."

    -Darrell O. Houston, TX

  • "I purchased a residential curbside Mail Boss a few months ago after studying your web site and comparing it to other competitors. The Mail Boss seemed to offer the most security, and boy did it ever live up to that reputation. The Mail Boss is a great product that lives up to its promises."

    -David W. Cupertino, CA

  • "I am writing today to say thanks and express how much my neighbors and I like your Mail Boss. The value of the Mail Boss is far more that the cost. Thanks again!"

    -Elya B. Portland, OR

  • "The quality and value of your product is really top notch, and I just wish we had found your design three years ago when I put in a locking mailbox here in Federal Way."

    -G. Nelson from Federal Way, WA

  • "We travel often and its so nice to know our mail is safe in this great product. Thank you for making this simply outstanding mailbox!!!"

    -George M. Dallas, TX

  • "Thank you for your prompt service. The new lock went in easy, just as you said it would!"

    -Gerry M. Port Angeles, WA

  • "Just installed a new Epoch security mailbox and have to tell you that the design and construction are quite excellent. Even the small touches like the included drill bit is fantastic. Thanks for a great product, we certainly appreciate it AND it looks nice to boot!"

    -Greg E. Oakland, CA

  • "I received the flag, lock & keys Friday. Thank you so much. You definitely have a solid product."

    -Howard T. Champlain, NY

  • "I just want to say thank you. I bought your MailBoss and it was more than I expected. You guys did a real nice job on it. It’s strong as heck, and I will highly recommend this to my neighbors and friends. Thanks again, I am really happy with it."

    -Jason from CT

  • "I wanted something a lot better than rotting wood and cheap galvanized metal. I work from home and receive business mail at home, so I wanted a secure, safe mailbox. I’m so pleased with it, I keep pointing it out to my guests as one of the neater features on my property, in fact."

    -Jean J. Everett, WA

  • "We installed our Mail Boss 2 years ago and love the security it provides. When on vacation, its size holds two weeks worth of mail with no problem."

    -Jim G. Peoria, AZ

  • "We wanted to thank you both for all of your help and concern with the security mailbox we purchased from Mail Boss. Your company has the best customer service we have experienced in many years. Our neighbors have asked about our mailbox from Mailboss. We have told them your customer service is outstanding and the lock outlasted the thief’s patience."

    -Karen & Dennis R. Spanaway, WA

  • "We just wanted to drop you an e-mail to tell you thank you for the great product. And, we appreciate the stellar customer service at Mail Boss. It is a rare thing these days!"

    -Kathy & Dale B. Portland, OR

  • "I just wanted to tell you Thank You for saving me the hassles that my neighbors are going through. Needless to say they ended up buying their new security mailboxes from you as well."

    -Kimberly from Reno, NV

  • "Wow! I ordered a Mail Boss on Tuesday. It arrived Wednesday morning and was installed within an hour of its arrival. As I looked the Mail Boss over prior to installing it, it exceeded my expectations in every respect. Solid construction, great design, clear installation instructions and hardware including a drill bit for the holes for the mounting plate….I was impressed. Thanks again."

    -Kurt J. Eugene, OR

  • "I sing the praises of your mailbox to everyone I know—I can’t tell you what security and peace of mind it’s brought to me knowing we can’t have our mail stolen anymore—and in a metal to metal clash with a moving vehicle the mailbox won! Thanks again, I am your customer for life!"

    -Leyh T.P. Seattle, WA

  • "We just bought a Mail Boss and love it! It was easy to install and we are very happy with the large capacity which allows us to travel for weeks and still holds all the mail. Thank you for a great product."

    -Lon B. California City, CA

  • "I purchased my MailBoss two weeks ago on a Friday. The order was processed on Monday morning (they sent a notification via email), and it arrived on Tuesday. Wednesday I had a locking mailbox that is the envy of the neighborhood. Installation was a piece of cake, following instructions… My postman likes it too!"

    -Michael F. Port Ludlow, WA

  • "I wanted to personally thank you for making such a great product. I am proud to say that there is a Mail Boss Package Master in front of my house. Keep up the great work."

    -Nick S. Seguin, TX

  • "I recently installed a curbside black Mail Boss. It was easy to install on our existing metal post and looks great. It is easy to use every day to get the mail using the key. I’m glad I purchased it. Thanks for the great product!"

    -Patrick C. Renton, WA

  • "Thank you for a great product. I have recommended it to several people I know and I will be telling my neighborhood watch group about it in a couple of weeks at our meeting."

    -Robert N. Modesto, CA

  • "Thanks for making a great product and for having great customer service, too."

    -Rod D. Oklahoma City, OK

  • "I received my Mail Boss Package Master last week. I am a very happy with this well made product. The design was thought through in every aspect. First of all the post for the Mail Boss itself is near indestructible if it is put into cement. They thought of everything! This was one of the best product experiences I have had in a very very long time. Thanks for making such a great product!"

    -Ron M. Portland, OR

  • "After very extensive research on the internet, canvasing the neighborhood, and visiting the local bigbox store to compare what was available, I chose the Mail Boss locking mailbox.It looks great, works perfectly and is far stronger and well made than any similar ones that I found. You guys are the greatest! Thank you for all your kindness, advice and patience. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you!"

    -Roy M. Santa Rosa, CA

  • "Just wanted to shoot you an e-mail to let you know how happy we are with our new Mail Boss. It is a big bad mailbox, just like you said. Our black Mail Boss is the best dang looking locking mailbox in the neighborhood, and probably the most secure too! :) Thanks again for everything."

    -Samuel H. San Jose, CA

  • "MailBoss and parent company Epoch Design, I salute you for your customer-oriented policies. I thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty. And I’m pleased to be a company spokesman. Good job, folks!"

    -Steve from Milford, OH

  • "Thank you very much for the good service. It’s nice to do business with a company that stands by their product. Not many of you guys left!"

    -Terry & Eileen C. Fountain Hills, AZ

  • "It took less than an hour for this senior citizen to install her new mailbox! Thanks for a quality product that makes me feel more secure."

    -Victoria from Indianapolis, IN

  • "The mailbox was better than expected. After I put it up, I had a car back into it. It broke their back window, knocked it completely down, but there was no damage to the mailbox. We put it back up and it works great! Love it!"


  • I was recently the victim of vandalism. The local PD caught the suspects. I have to say, the mail boss survived a 15 pound pumpkin at 35 mph. I only lost the mail flag. 13 of my neighbors had their mailboxes completely destroyed. I love the mail boss.

    -Ken in Chesterfield, NJ

  • Researched mailboxes for quite a while before choosing the Mail Boss from Ace Hardware in Redondo today and installed it as soon as I got home. Wow, what a great design and it took much longer to remove my old damaged cheap mailbox than it did to install this great system. Good to hear that is was made in Washington and wanted to thank your for such a great quality product.

    -David B. Des Moines, WA