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Comprehensive information about mail-identity theft, product features & benefits, how-to installations and more resources about locking mailboxes.

MailBoss Mailbox Winter Weather Updates

Happy Holidays from Stormy Seattle! Last week, freezing temperatures and a snow storm brought 6-8″ in the Seattle area, causing many schools and businesses to close and drivers to stay off the roads. Just when the roads were starting to look better, a new storm front this past weekend brought an additional 8-12″ of snow…

Mail Boss Security Mailbox in Hardware Retailing

Editors rave “Mail Boss is virtually impenetrable” Hardware Retailing, a trade magazine for hardware and home center retailers selling do-it-yourself products, recently featured our very own Mail Boss locking security mailbox in their October 2007 publication. We’re proud to report that the editors had good things to say! (Article reprinted below.) SECURITY MAILBOX is designed to protect against…

Stop Mail Theft Cold

“Mail Theft” video packs a punch This is a great, comical video that expresses our frustrations with having to worry about getting our mail stolen and living with that threat. There is a little voice in all of us (at least in me!) that wants to punch or inflict pain on anyone who has bad…

Seattle Digs the Mail Boss

Seattle Times calls MailBoss “virtually inpenetrable” Mail and identity theft has been increasing at an epidemic rate nationwide, and the Seattle area is no exception. A King County Prosecuting Attorney Policy Paper reads, “[…] during a time when the overall crime rate has dropped by more than 5%, reported mail theft has grown dramatically, suggesting…

MailBoss Built Burly

Mail Boss features make it the ultimate in mail security Think all locking mailboxes are created equal? Think again! The Mail Boss locking security mailbox by Epoch Design is not your average locking curbside mailbox. This burly mailbox, weighing in at more than 40 lbs, features heavy-gauge electro-galvanized welded steel and stainless steel hinges. The…

Mail in a Shoebox?

Without a locking mailbox you may as well receive your mail in a shoebox

Most Americans receive their credit cards, credit card offers, checkbooks, social security checks, bank statements, bills, and other sensitive financial information in the mail. Yet, most mailboxes sit unlocked, unprotected, and vulernable to mail theft. This is equivalent to having your most private personal and financial information delivered by the postal officer into a shoe box on the street, for anyone to take…

Epoch Design CFO Accepts Golden Hammer

Monica DeRaspe accepts prestigious award for Business-to-Consumer Advertising at National Hardware Show in Las Vegas

This video shows Epoch Design CFO Monica DeRaspe accepting the Golden Hammer Award for Business to Consumer Advertising. Home Channels News award presenter Jim Reynolds announced, “Consumers want to become more vigilant in protecting their identities and do so through the use of a locking security mailbox entitled MailBoss.”

Mail Thieves Show No Mercy

One Man Fights Back Against a Neighborhood Netflix Mail Thief

Check out this video to see how one man fights back against mail (and netflix movie) theft.

It’s not just your bills anymore; it’s your movies too! Not only is your personal information such as credit cards, bill statements and social security number being stolen through mail theft, but so is your given right to relax to a Netflix movie. Netflix receives hundreds of “lost in the mail” reports every week from their customers. Although some of these individuals may have actually had their movies lost by the USPS, many of these reports stem from the Netflix mail thieves.
Beware of the many individuals out there who are prowling your neighborhoods unlocked mailboxes, searching for their next Wednesday night entertainment.

MailBoss Features Diagram

For a detailed image including all Mail Boss features, see this diagram of the USPS approved Mail Boss locking security curbside mailbox.

Gang Plank Installation

For Mounting more than 4 MailBoss Mailboxes, use a Gang Plank!

When you need to mount more than 4 MailBoss locking mailboxes in a line, you have two options: (1) You can order additional MailBoss posts and spreader bars; or (2) You can mount these additional security mailboxes on a gang plank.

A gang plank is a level wooden structure that should be strong enough support, secure and protect as many mailboxes as can fit on its surface length. Many people attach roofs to these gang planks to minimize the impact of various environmental conditions on the surfaces of their mailboxes and the gang plank.