Welcome Home Interview at NHS 2014

This May, Epoch Design attended the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, showcasing the innovative Mail Boss locking security mailbox line.

In attendance was Epoch Design President and Mail Boss inventor, David Bolles, who spoke with Bill Rogers of Welcome Home TV.

The transcript of the interview is below:

Bill: Well as you know, in a down economy theft is up as is identity theft, and if you’re looking for a way to safeguard your family or your company against it, look no further than Mail Boss. I’m here with David and I tell you what: Very impressed with this because these are the beefiest mailboxes on the market. Tell us a little bit about your company.

David: Well Bill, we started back in 1996 but got engaged in the whole mailbox business in about 2005 when my personal identity was lifted from a mailbox.

Bill: And at that point you said, “We gotta have something that’s going to change all of this”?

David: Well actually, I went out to a local hardware store to solve the problem and buy a locking mailbox but what we found was all the boxes that were out on the marketplace were extremely flimsy, lightweight, and it was obvious to me that anyone could break into them in a matter of seconds. So we decided to make some lemonade from lemons.

Bill: And actually, you took your first design, you went to Postal Service and they said “Yeah we’ll give it our stamp of approval but it could use a few improvements,” and you moved on from there as well?

David: Yeah, that’s right Bill. What I had discovered is that the USPS, although they test for all kinds of things like water, damage, leakage, and things of that nature, they only informally test for security. So, it’s just kind of a whisper in your ear from the Post Master who is saying “Hey, this product is great but we were able to break into it in five seconds” and we went “What are you kidding?” and he said “Nope” and I said “Okay, well we’re going back to the drawing board” and so that’s what we did.

Bill: And from that you’ve got a mailbox now that if a thief wants to break into it he’s going to have to spend some serious time — twenty, thirty minutes — and most of them aren’t willing to expose themselves for that length of time especially when there are other mailboxes that you can get right into.

David: That’s right and basically what we feel is, if you can provide deterrence for ten or more minutes than you probably got a pretty good product because quite honestly just about everything else on the market doesn’t even come close to that.

Bill: And you really have solutions for everybody: for the home, for the business, for the office, gang mailboxes, whatever you need, you really have a solution for them.

David: Yeah, we have quite a different variety of applications that these products can be used in. We find businesses are actually pretty interested in this product because there’s a lot of sensitive and vital mail that comes into businesses and a lot of it has numbers behind it and bank account names and all kinds of things. So, in addition to the homeowners, the businesses are actually quite responsive to our products.

Bill: As you mentioned there’s a lot of things that can be stolen. Identity theft, but checks and other information that people can use.

David: Yeah, that’s right and one thing we’ve noticed too or discovered through our research is that sometimes all they really need is a utility bill, which seems rather harmless but with a utility bill in most states you can walk down to the DMV and get yourself a driver’s license proving your residency, and so that’s what they do.

Bill: Wow, and from that they can really wreak havoc with your life. Well, David, I tell you what. We have the industry’s strongest mailbox. A mailbox that’s been approved of course by the United States Postal Service. A system that’s really going to accommodate letters but packages as well, and that’s going to keep them away from would-be thieves. And with that said right now I know you have to have the attention of all of our viewers out there. What’s the best way for them to learn more about the Mail Boss?

David: Well the easiest way to find out more about our product line is to go to mailboss.staging.wpengine.com. We have a fully featured website. It has informational blogs as well as our product descriptions, and a dealer locator as to where you can find it, and you can also buy it online right then and there.

Bill: David, thank you so much for being on.

This interview segment aired on Welcome Home on the Time Warmer Home Network on May 24th and July 19th.

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