Wannabe Thieves Prying Mailboxes in Mooresville NC

We received this photo from a Mail Boss customer in Mooresville, North Carolina. She reports that thieves are prying mailboxes in her neighborhood, and attempted to pry open her Mail Boss Curbside. As you can see below, the thieves were unsuccessful in stealing mail.

MailBossPrying_LiburdiDimetrics_MooresvilleNCThey did manage to do some damage to the mailbox, but ultimately, it did what it was supposed to do: Protected mail from thieves would would use sensitive information for identity theft.

Thieves everywhere, not just on the west coast, are using screwdrivers and crowbars to try to break into locking mailboxes. This anecdote is another testament to the fact that it’s important to invest in a locking mailbox that provides real protection against leveraged entry, no matter where you live.

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