Wall Mount MailBoss Press Release

Mail BossTM Introduces Wall Mount Security Locking Mailboxes for Mail & Identity Theft Prevention

REDMOND, Washington (April 15, 2008) – In response to the epidemic of mail and identity theft, an innovative Seattle based company set out to change the way Americans receive their mail. In 2006, Epoch Design introduced the MAIL BOSSTM, a high security locking curbside mailbox, as the first line of defense against identity theft. Mail must be protected at its source; the venerable paper shredder is only part of the solution. As people have become more vigilant about protecting their identities, Mail Boss sales have soared. To satisfy growing customer demands, Epoch Design has recently introduced the MAIL BOSSTM Wall Mount locking security mailbox, the only wall mount mailbox with true fortress-like security features.

Mail Boss Townhouse Bronze 7174After the successful introduction of our MailBoss high security curbside mailbox, we were flooded with requests for a wall mount product with similar security features. We soon learned that not a single product was available in the marketplace that would give homeowners true mail security for wall mount mailboxes,” said David Bolles, president of Epoch Design, the manufacturer of the MailBoss product line.

The MailBoss Wall Mount offers a high security choice for customers who choose to have a mail receptacle conveniently mounted on their home, condominium, or townhouse. Most “locking” mailboxes can be destroyed or opened in about 3 seconds, but the MailBoss Wall Mount touts the same high security features as the curbside model. Made of 14-gauge and 16-gauge galvanized powder-coated steel, the MailBoss Wall Mount features a patent-pending anti-pry positive door locking system with a brass core tube lock to foil even the most determined identity thieves.

“We incorporated the patent-pending anti-theft pin-latch locking system, heavy-duty steel, and the patented Fast-TrakTM features from our curbside MailBoss so the homeowner could quickly and easily mount the unit and trust the mail would be secure,” Vice President John DeRaspe explained.

The MailBoss Wall Mount is available in black, granite, bronze and white in two attractive styles, the Metro and the Townhouse.


  1. C. Daven on June 8, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    There is no discussion of the mail slot security on the wall mount unit, i.e., does it have a system to prevent hands from entering the box to take mail? The curbside unit has such a preventative. If it does include such preventative measure, does it still accept magazine and small package delivery?

    Please email a response to me. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. MailBoss on June 9, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    The Metro and Townhouse Wall Mount Mail Boss mailboxes include the same security features as the Curbside Mail Boss mailbox, including the patent-pending anti-pry locking mechanism. The opening is small enough to prevent fishing by would-be mail and identity thefts, but large enough to accept bills, small packages, etc. Because the overall dimensions of the wall mount models are smaller, they cannot hold as many days of accumulated mail as the curbside Mail Boss. However, it is a convenient option for those who choose to receive their mail conveniently at their front door. Hope this answers your questions, and if not please let me know!

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