VIDEO: Mail Manager Review

“If you’re looking for a secure mailbox I highly recommend this mailbox, build like a safe!”

Check out this fabulous Mail Manager video review by YouTube user Numba1SoulPreppa. This review was unsolicited and no product was given in exchange. He is very thorough in reviewing all aspects of the Mail Manager, and while we don’t condone storing a gun in your mailbox, we agree – it is built like a safe!


“I’m Here to do a review of this safe. This is not a gun safe. It’s a different kind of safe. This is a safe that goes outside. Actually it’s not really a safe but it’s built like a safe. As you can see, turn it to the side now you can guess what it is. This is actually a mailbox. It’s not a safe, it’s a mailbox but it looks like a safe and it’s as strong as a damn safe.”


“The reason I purchased this is because I’m securing my property right now. […] I’ve been securing the house but the only thing that I have not secured was my mailbox. Recently I just had somebody steal one of my credit card applications out of the mail, because my location right now just has the regular aluminum or tin mailbox outside that you can just easily open up and take the mail out. So somebody stole the mail out of that one and tried to use one of my credit cards. That got cancelled so I don’t have to worry about anything on that.”


“So I went and I did some research on this mailbox. I looked at it online and they were hitting it with bats and trying to pry it open with screwdrivers. I didn’t really believe it was that strong so I went down to Lowe’s and I took a look at it there.”


“It’s a fairly expensive mailbox. It’s not really expensive, but compared to the other mailboxes that you could buy for $20 or $30, it’s expensive compared to that. I think I bought this for $100. To me that wasn’t really expensive for the Peace of Mind that you get when you put your mail inside of this mailbox.”


“This model is the Mail Manager. They also have one called the Mail Boss and the Package Master. The Mail Manager is the new one, because the Mail Boss is actually bigger than the Mail Manager. This mailbox is huge, so I can’t imagine how big the original mailbox is because I haven’t seen it, but just looking at this compared to a regular mailbox, you could fit a regular mailbox inside this box.”


“It also comes with a template. You’ll see the these indentations are where there are screw holes on the bottom of the box, so if you were mounting this to a wood or metal post, you can know where to drill your holes. But I also think you could actually use this for your mail to drop on so if you did get some water in your mailbox there are drainage holes so the mail would not get wet, because this is like an accordion so your mail is raised with little channels for the water to drip down.”


“Do you hear how the door opens and locks? Listen to that sound! That sounds sturdy and the sound matches up with the sturdiness of the mailbox. This mailbox, nobody is going to be breaking in. You can’t stick your hand in here and try to get any mail out because once you stick your hand in there the mailbox closes on your hand. So nobody can get in here and grab any mail out because your hand barely fits in there. There’s a little lip: When your hand hits that lip, the mailbox closes, so there is no stealing any mail out of this mailbox. Listen to how it closes. There’s magnets in here because when the mailbox gets close to closing it slams shuts and holds pretty tightly on its own. Do you hear how that sounds? That, my friends, is security.

It has a key and you open the mailbox, so your mail is stored down here. There’s also a bunch of dimples down here so it raises your mail off the floor. That’s to hold your mail above the water so if water did get in there, the water would drip out to the drainage holes.

Just look at this door. Look at the construction of this door. Look at the hinges here. This door is extra thick. I’d say this door is about 2 pounds by itself – it’s heavy!

There’s a little clip where you actually put the mail that’s going out so when the post man opens the box up he can just grab it. You can see how this thing sounds when it closes. It doesn’t sound like a mailbox, it sounds like a safe.”


“You can see that the locking mechanism is about 1/4″ thick steel. That locking mechanism is thick. It’s almost as thick as a Kukri knife. so you don’t have to worry about someone trying to stick a screwdriver in there and bend it because that’s the same thickness as a screwdriver. It comes with a couple of keys. They have serial numbers so if you needed to get a new key you just call them with the serial number. But these are not normal keys here, so you can’t pick this lock with a lock pick set, I don’t think. I don’t do any lock picking but I would assume that’s why they have these keys because they make it less pickable than an average lock, and by the time somebody is picking the lock, is going to take a minute so someone would see you picking this lock. Especially me, I would see you picking my lock!”


“It has this plastic flag. This is the only thing that’s flimsy on it, but I can understand why this is flimsy because I see other mailboxes – they have a metal flag and once it’s bent that flag is bent and it’s going to break off or it’s bent and you can’t really raise it or lower it. So this one is plastic. It goes up and down. Even when you bend it, it just goes back in shape: It doesn’t make a difference. It’s held on by two screws so basically even if someone cuts this off you can still get another one.”


“There’s no dents on here at all after I did all that banging. The powder-coating job is great. I don’t even see any wear or where it would wear at. You don’t have to worry about this thing rusting because it’s all powder-coated. There’s no blemishes on it or places where it hasn’t been powder-coated. Everything is flush, no dents, no nothing. This thing is put together pretty well. I haven’t seen any issues with it.”


“I believe that my mail will be very secure with this mailbox. I won’t have any issues with my mail anymore. I don’t have to worry about anybody going by and just grabbing my mail and taking it. So if you guys were looking at one of these mailboxes, I highly advise you to get one. This is a pretty sturdy mailbox, I highly advise you to pick one of these up because this is a very strong mailbox. I don’t have any doubts that someone will break into my mailbox and get anything out. You don’t have to worry about anybody breaking into this – it’s like having a safe outside.

Just wanted to let you guys know, keep your mail secure so you don’t have to worry about any of those security issues that are hard to keep track of, because if someone steals your identity you might not notice it if you don’t look at your cards close enough or your bill close enough. I actually look at every charge that’s on my bill.

If you’re looking for a secure mailbox I highly recommend this mailbox. Pick it up, take a look at it for yourself, go to Lowe’s. It’s only $100 but what’s $100 compared to keeping your credit scores up and keeping the extra charges on your credit card off?”

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