VIDEO: Mail Boss on Welcome Home TV!

Mail Boss was a very popular gift idea this past holiday season. In this Welcome Home TV segment, Mail Boss is featured as the go-to solution for mail-identity theft prevention:

Welcome Home TV, created by Executive Producer Bill Rogers, features resources to help beautify and protect your home.

In this segment, Welcome Home highlights Mail Boss as an innovative solution to protect against the fast growing crime of mail-identity theft:

“Identity theft is the fastest growing in the United States and affects over 10 million Americans each year. Mail theft is a common way that identity thieves can steal your identity and the 60 million unlocked mailboxes in the US offers a treasure trove of opportunity for would-be identity thieves. Victims of mail theft often don’t realize they’ve been victimized until their credit record and good name is ruined. Remedying the outcomes of fraud and identity theft requires thousands of dollars and hours, days, weeks and maybe even months of your time.

This Christmas, do yourself a favor and get Mail Boss. The Mail Boss: unrivaled security and protection against mail thieves.”

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