Veteran’s Day Sale // 2017


In honor of Veterans Day many popular restaurants out there are offering Veterans Day Free Meals! Here is the article from The Balance!

We can’t offer you a free meal since it’s not our forte but to express our appreciation to members of our military, past and present, Mail Boss would love to present you with a %15 off discount code!

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Here are some suggestions to help you get started for this Veterans Day Weekend:

1. Attend an Event

Attending a Veterans Day event in your area such as a parade or volunteering at a local veteran’s chapter.

2. Donate

There are many wonderful organizations who offer all sorts of support, services and appreciation for our active and non-active members. Click on this link for some ideas for donation!

3. Ask Someone About Their Service

It’s great to show appreciation for those are currently active but it is also fantastic to honor those who served in the past, take the time to ask them what they did in the military, how long did they serve for, what were their favorite moments and what made them choose to serve.

4. Write

Sometimes the old school way is the best way to show appreciation! If you know a veteran send them a postcard, create an e-card, make them a handmade card or simply just write to them! Small acts of recognizing someone’s service, even anonymously can go a far way when trying to show appreciation.

5. Visit a VA Hospital

Don’t know any veterans and want to contribute? Find the nearest VA hospital and spend the day with a veteran! Make sure to check out the policies before visiting but depending on the hospital they sometimes have special lunch you can help prepare or attend a game day event.

All in all, if none of these sound interesting just hang out with a veteran! Nothing can go wrong if you just want to spend a day with a veteran whether you know them or not!


Our solid members that hold Epoch Design/Mail Boss together: John D. is former Air Force and current Vice President. Jonathan is a former Airborne Army Ranger and current Operations Manager!

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