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4 Tips for Preventing Mail Theft from Sergeant Rich Ziarkowski

Mail and identity theft are fast-growing crimes in the United States, and local and federal governments are working hard to keep consumers alert and safe. In this informative video, Sergeant Rich Ziarkowski of the St. Lucie County Sheriff Department shares these 4 tips to preventing mail theft:

1. Never put your outgoing mail in your mailbox… instead use a Blue P.O. Box!

Sergeant Says: The red flag signals to thieves that sensitive mail is unprotected in your mailbox.

2. Reduce the amount of credit card offers and solicitations your receive… less mail for the taking!

Sergeant Says: Call 888-5-OPTOUT or go to Direct Marketing Association at to opt out of credit card offers and direct marketing for 5 years.

3. Consider purchasing a locking mailbox… it is an effective deterrent to mail thieves!

Sergeant Says: A security mailbox is inexpensive in comparison to the financial damage mail theft can cause

4. If you see mail theft occur, call 911 immediately!

If you follow these 4 easy steps, you will reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft.


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