Tim Dumps Oasis Jr with #BetterByBoss

Tim of Seattle is taking advantage of the #BetterByBoss offer to replace his Oasis Jr. mailbox, which was pried open by a mail thief. By his account:

“A couple of weeks ago my mail box was pried open and my mail was stolen. My neighbor’s Mailboss (on left of my box) was not damaged at all and his mail was safe. […] It happened a week ago and I sort of fixed it….”

Here are the pictures that Tim provided of his burglarized mailbox.

His mailbox was pried open at the top:

Oasis Jr MailBox Pried

Notice his neighbor’s Mail Boss Curbside mailbox was not pried open:

Oasis Jr vs MailBoss Curbside

Here is a photo after he “sort of fixed it”:

oasis mailbox pried open

The Oasis Jr locking mailbox by Architectural Mailboxes can be popped open with a screwdriver in seconds. While no mailbox is 100% theft proof, the #BetterByBoss mailbox offer is meant to help victims of mailbox prying replace a locking mailbox that has been burglarized with a locking mailbox that is more secure: namely, a curbside mailbox by Mail Boss.

To find out more about this promotion, go here.

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