Mail Manager Testimonial: “They didn’t take my mail”

Diane’s Mail Manager withstands prying attempts

Mail thieves are burglarizing locking mailboxes in Ainsworth Iowa, but luckily for Diane, she purchased a Mail Manager to secure her mail.

As you can see from the photos she sent us, someone spent a good amount of time prying on her mailbox, doing significant damage to the steel doors and face. However, due to the patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism, the thief was unable to ultimately break into the Mail Manager to steal Diane’s mail.

She wrote:

Attached please find pictures of my mailbox that were taken this afternoon after I discovered damage. As you can see, the sides are pushed in on both sides. They didn’t take my mail. Neighbors haven’t seen anyone around the mailbox.

I ordered the mailbox because I was moving to the country and work out of my home.

I do love the mailbox and am relieved my mail was not stolen. The mailbox was installed on an old existing post.

Thank you for any assistance and consideration.



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Unfortunately, the burglar did significant damage to the mailbox and Diane will need to replace her Mail Manager. We are helping her out with a great deal on a replacement mailbox, and hope that there isn’t a ‘next time’. But if there is, we are confident that the Mail Manager will keep her mail safe, just as it did this time around!

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