“The World’s Greatest Mailbox!”

… Not our list, and Mail Boss makes the cut

Allied Postal Products has some super helpful information on their website www.theworldsgreatestmailbox.com, including a list of the best locking mailboxes available.

A post called “Top Locking Security Mailboxes” reads:

There are quite a few security mailboxes to choose from. With security, capacity, and durability in mind, these are the top three curbside security mailboxes on the market:

Armadillo Mailbox
Mail Boss
Fort Knox

We happen to agree. Not only is the Mail Boss locking mailbox a secure and durable high capacity locking mailbox, but the other locking mailboxes included are as well. (This post does fail to mention, however, that the Mail Boss is much more affordable than Armadillo and Fort Knox, but admittedly that’s not one of the factors considered.)

Another post titled “Good Tips when shopping for a security locking mailbox” includes some very helpful consumer information. I would go so far as to say that the list is a must read for anyone evaluating locking mailboxes.

The following are some benefits to think about when shopping for a quality locking security mailbox:

SECURITY-Make sure the security mailbox claiming it is a security mailbox is at least PRY Proof. Majority of mail thieves use a simple tool called a flat head screw driver to break into locking mailboxes to steal your mail.

DURABILITY-How durable is the security mailbox? Can it withstand a baseball bat? Usually identity theft areas have vandals too, and purchasing a security mailbox every other month can be costly.

CAPACITY-Last but not least, how much mail do you receive daily? Most security mailboxes have little capacity. Do not buy too small of a security mailbox if you receive a lot of mail. To prevent your mail from protruding, think about the capacity you will need to store your mail.

All in all, we hope these tips help you with shopping for a quality security mailbox.

These criterion are very important to consider, especially security. As mentioned, other locking mailboxes can be easily violated, leaving you vulnerable to the nightmare of mail identity theft. An anti-pry mechanism (such as the patented anti-pry locking system featured on the Mail Boss) is essential to a quality locking mailbox.

For more useful information, head over to The World’s Greatest Mailbox website!

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