The Ultimate Bat-Buster Mailbox

You know the Mail Boss is virtually vandal-proof and has no problem standing up to a baseball bat.

Well Larry from Walla Walla set out to create the Ultimate Bat-Buster Mailbox and we think he has succeeded!

He started with the Mail Boss – that’s 40 pounds of electro-galvanized welded steel! Then, he used 1/2″ flat iron to build a “bat buster” ring.

The result: One BAD-ASS Mailbox!

Bat Buster MailBoss Mailbox DIY Ring

Bat Buster Mailboss Mailbox

Bat Buster Mail Boss Mailbox

Woe to the individual who whacks this box…


  1. Rob Newton on May 11, 2022 at 4:26 pm

    Where can I purchase one of these? I am in NW Florida.

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