The Facts About Identity Theft

The Mail Boss: Identity Armor for ID Theft

25 million Americans were victims of identity theft in last five years, many of them from mail fraud. The Mail BossTM locking security mailbox is the best, affordable first line of defense against the fast-growing crimes of mail and identity theft.

  • “Total one year fraud amount [from identity theft] rose from $53.2 billion in 2003 and $54.4 billion in 2005 to $56.6 billion in 2006.” (
  • “…the mean fraud amount per fraud victim [rose] from $5,249 in 2003 and $5,885 in 2005 to $6,383 in 2006.” (
  • “The U.S. Federal Trade Commission says that identity theft is its number one source of consumer complaints – 42% of all complaints, in 2001.” (Identity Theft Prevention & Victim Assistance Center)
  • “Last year [2006] alone an estimated 9.9 million Americans were victims of identity theft. […] most identity theft involves the U.S. Mail […]” (U.S. Postal Inspection Service)
  • Delores Barkl, Cle Elum Post Master in Washington State said “The best solution for everybody – not just people in rural and outlying areas – [is] to go to lock-box mailboxes.” (Daily Record Online Edition; Kittitas County, Washington)
  • Sandy Klein, from the U.S. Attorney’s Office states that “One of the fastest growing crimes in America [is] identity theft [and] one of the most common ways that identity thieves get their information is by stealing mail.” (U.S. Attorney’s Office, Central Distict of California; Identity Theft Transcript)
  • The first piece of advice that Washington State’s Attorney General gave the public recently when addressing identity theft is “Consider purchasing a locking mailbox.” (Washington State Office of the Attorney General; Ask the AG, 10/24/2005)
  • When the Federal Trade Commission wrote an article warning people about identity theft they advised citizens to “guard your mail from theft [by] installing a locking mailbox.” (Federal Trade Commission – Facts for Consumers: Identity Theft, Reduce Your Risk)


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