Mail Boss Withstands Neighborhood Mailbox Burglar

Residential locking mailboxes in Olympia neighborhood picked open by thief, but Mail Boss not compromised

We just received an email from Luke in Olympia, who wrote us to say that all his neighbors’ locking mailboxes were picked open, but his Mail Boss remained secure. This is our favorite kind of customer feedback, because it means our products are delivering on the promise of ultimate security and peace of mind.

Luke writes:

Today we drove out of our neighborhood and noticed that ALL of the mailboxes had been broken into.  Our neighborhood has a series of locking mailboxes that were there when we moved in.  I decided to purchase a different locking mailbox because the research I did showed the Mailboss to be better than the rest that were available.  Everybody gave us a hard time (jokingly) because our mailbox did not look identical to all the rest which were all the same brand…

ALL of the steel/locking boxes were easily picked (not pried open) and left wide open to the left and right of our box.   Ours was still locked and uncompromised.  While I feel bad for those who got their mail stolen, I’m grateful that I made the right choice when I chose the Mailboss.  I’ll definitely suggest the Mailboss to all of them with a smirk 🙂

Thanks for making such a quality product.


What is noteworthy about this event is that in some parts of the country (including Western Washington) simply having a locking mailbox is not adequate deterrence to a mail thief. Since so many people have locking mailboxes now, thieves are targeting low-quality locked mailboxes to steal mail. As I explained in my response to Luke:

It’s interesting because we’ve noticed that in many parts of the country, ANY locking mailbox is enough of a deterrent to keep thieves away – they target unlocked mailboxes. But in some parts (where we are in Seattle area included) mail theft is so rampant that low quality locking mailboxes (like the ones at the big box stores), are vulnerable to burglary. That’s where Mail Boss really stands out! That, and when they’re hit by cars, baseball bats, etc.

Anyway, it’s just a matter of time before most of the country switches to locking mailboxes. So, if you’re considering making the switch, do your research like Luke. You won’t regret the investment in ultimate security and peace of mind!

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