Testimonial from Rob in Winhall, VT

Rob purchased a Mail Boss from r k Miles in Manchester, Vermont. Unfortunately, r k Miles accidentally sold him the display Mail Boss, which has the lock inverted so potential customers cannot take the keys. Subsequently, Rob couldn’t open his new mailbox, so he gave us a call.

After we helped him sort out this little hiccup, he sent us this email, along with a picture of his modified Mail Boss, painted red to match his barn.

Once again, thanks for the call back this morning with instructions on how to modify the lock on the floor model Mail Boss I purchased this morning from r k Miles in Manchester, Vermont. Your instructions were clear and concise and I was able to perform this simple task in less than 5 minutes. I am incredibly impressed with our new Mail Boss, particularly how incredibly sturdy and well-made it is and am certain that it will give us years and years of dependable service. Below is a picture of how ours looks installed (painted to match our barn red farm house).


Rob R., Winhall, Vermont

This is the first time we have seen a red Mail Boss, and we have to say, we rather like it!

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