Testimonial from Jean in Everett, WA

Jean, National Best Selling Author from Everett Washington, writes in with high praise for the Mail Boss:

Aside from the minor flag-fading issue, which is very gracious of you to offer free upgrade replacements for, I have been very pleased with my mailbox ever since installing it last year. I know my neighbor has also been happy in knowing his mail is safe, too.

The reason I bought 2 mailboxes, one for myself and one for my neighbor, is because we had the cheap standard ones mounted together on the same wooden post… which rotted and fell over not even four months after buying my house last year. Needless to say, I wanted something a lot better than rotting wood and cheap galvanized metal. I work from home and receive business mail at home, so I wanted a secure, safe mailbox.

I did a lot of online research and determined the Mail Boss had all the best features. And since I wanted a solid metal post to mount it on, nothing that could rot, I figured it would be a nice gesture to put 2 of them up there, so that my neighbor would also have that same level of security and reassurance regarding his own mail.

… I’m so pleased with it, I keep pointing it out to my guests as one of the neater features on my property, in fact. (And yes, you may quote me on that.)

Thank you very much,
Jean Johnson
National Bestselling Author

Thanks, Jean! That’s a well written testimonial from a National Bestselling Author to boot! Don’t mind if we do quote you on that… Cheers!

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