Testimonial from Dave in Half Moon Bay

Here’s an email we received from a happy customer with not one, but two Mail Boss mailboxes in Half Moon Bay, California.

Dave, take it away:

We have not spoken directly, but you were in contact with my General Contractor Kevin last week and Monday this week. Today all is good with our new Mail Boss. We are big fans and Kevin mentioned your service was terrific in helping us replace the lock.

We have two properties and now have a Boss at each site. If people think they are not attractive, they should consider painting them and adding a coat of varnish to protect. Our Half Moon Bay box is 3 1/2 years old and looks wonderful. We are 2 blocks from the beach and even with all the salt air, the product and paint job are holding up nicely.

So thanks again and keep up the great service and product. We will be telling all we know, and some we don’t, just how wonderful the Mail Boss is!

So happy to hear this! If you have feedback for us, please send it to webmaster@mailboss.com.

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