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VP Corner: Use Tri-Flow, Not WD-40, for sticky locks

We frequently have customers ask us what product to use to lubricate their Mail Boss locks. Well the answer is Tri-Flow, not WD-40! The military developed WD-40 in the 1950s to be used as a water displacing substance in order to keep mechanical parts from rusting. It is a petroleum based product. As time went…

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A Must Read from Steve – LOVE This!

Here is an e-mail from Steve, a happy Mail Boss locking mailbox customer in Milford, Ohio. It just gives us shivers!!! We hope you like it too. We’re also including his original blog post on Mail Boss (that’s us!) which you can also find here. Hi Chris, Thank you for the replacement mailbox and lock…

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Valentine’s Day ♡ Free Flags Available

Just a little loving reminder this Valentine’s Day weekend… we have free flag replacements available and you may qualify! If you purchased your curbside mailbox some time ago and the flag is faded to a light pink, you can get a free replacement flag. New flags are UV resistant and shouldn’t fade. To get a…

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Free Replacement Flags Available

If you own a Mail Boss locking security mailbox and you have noticed that your flag is starting to fade, we can help! We have upgraded our flags to a new UV-resistant material, and we are happy to provide customers with replacement flags free of charge! Just let us know, and we’ll take care of…

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Testimonial: “Great Service”

Ken in Connecticut recently had a problem with corrosion on his Mail Boss mailbox. We determined that the finish was defective, and although finishes are “officially” outside of warranty, we always take care of our customers! We sent him a replacement mailbox and he sent us this feedback: Just wanted to let you know how…

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