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Why Steel?

Steel Mailboxes Offer Superior Quality and Security

The best material to use in a true security locking mailboxes is heavy-duty galvanized powder-coated steel. When you really think about it, this is no surprise. When is the last time you saw an aluminum or plastic bank vault? Have you ever heard a manufacturer of safes or locks taut the security virtues of aluminum or plastic? Of course not. Many so called “security locking mailboxes” are made of thin (18-22 gauge) metal, aluminum, and even plastic…

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Stop ID Theft: Use a Secure Locking Mailbox!

Secure mailboxes offer protection against the fast growing crime of mail-ID theft What we do on this site is try to inform consumers of the prevalence of mail theft and identity theft, and to teach them the best ways to protect their sensitive information and their identities. One component of this protection is a security…

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Theft Rises as the Economy Falls

Last fall, worries over the U.S. and global economy soared as stock market values hit record lows. To make matters even more dire, unemployment numbers escalated, reaching 8.1% this February—a number not seen in 25 years, according to statistics. Most financial gurus advise a hold-on attitude for the next 2-5 years while government programs and…

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Five Ways to Protect Your Security When Buying Consumer Products

As summer approaches, millions of consumers will be emerging from their winter ways and many will be engaging in leisure activities they longed for during the winter. Of course, they’ll be spending money along the way, purchasing new summer attire, eating out, and traveling. At the same time, countless unsavory characters will be searching for…

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Mail Security in Multi Unit Housing

[Originally featured in Condo Management magazine] Condominiums and multi-unit housing are often at greater security risk than single-family homes, in part because criminals prey on these facilities, and in part because residents must rely on their boards or managers to provide for much of their security. When boards and managers seek to secure their multi-unit…

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Tips from a Sergeant

4 Tips for Preventing Mail Theft from Sergeant Rich Ziarkowski Mail and identity theft are fast-growing crimes in the United States, and local and federal governments are working hard to keep consumers alert and safe. In this informative video, Sergeant Rich Ziarkowski of the St. Lucie County Sheriff Department shares these 4 tips to preventing…

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VP Corner: Mailbox Musings from an Airplane

Connecting the dots on locking mailboxes and security As I sat on the crowded flight from Chicago back to Seattle, I reflected on the last few days I had spent working the Mail Boss locking mailbox booth at the Orgill Dealer Market. It occured to me that 90% of the hardware industry just doesn’t understand…

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Mail Boss in Condo Management Magazine

Feature story: “Mail Security in Multi-Unit Housing” Mail Boss marketing manager Jenny DeRaspe-Bolles recently contributed in Condo Management magazine. The article focuses on mail security in multi-unit housing and was published in the July/August issue. The piece emphasizes that in considering residents’ security needs, managers must not overlook the fastest growing crime in America: identity theft. All too…

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