Mail Boss on Uncrate

No. 1 Buyers Guide for Men recommends Mail Boss Uncrate, a web magazine for guys who love stuff, featured the Mail Boss locking security mailbox in August 2008. To quote from their article: We’ve been testing one for the last week or so and couldn’t imagine anything short of C-4 getting your mail out without…

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LifeLock and ID Theft Protection

A review of LifeLock identity theft insurance

If you have been paying attention, you know that identity theft is a real problem. According to Identity Theft Labs, the number of Americans who have had their private and personal information compromised is staggering: over 217,000,000 in three years, resulting in 10 million victims every year. Because identity theft is lucrative and easy to get away with, ID theft rings are growing and fast in crime circles from meth addicts to mafia… and there has been an overwhelming corporate response to meet increased demand for identity theft protection. Enter LifeLock.

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Miami Digs the Mail Boss

MailBoss Security Mailbox Featured in The Miami Herald The Mail Boss security mailbox is all the rave in the media, from coast to coast. Editors at the The Miami Herald recently featured our very own MailBoss in an article called “Weathering Rain, Snow… & Mail Theft”. The Miami Herald raves: “Worried about mail or identity…

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P-57Cs Shredder Makes the Cut

As Americans have become increasingly aware of the prevalence of identity theft, paper shredders have become a household item. When looking for paper shredders, it is important not to skimp out on an cheap-o shredder that will jam or break easily. But who wants to drop a pretty penny on a paper shredder? For less than $100, though, there is a paper shredder that is a cut above the rest.

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Sammamish Review Features Mail Boss in “Mailbox: Version 2.0”

Original article published in Sammamish Review on 4-16-08, written by J.B. Wogan

David Bolles was tired of having his mail stolen. After falling victim to several instances of mail theft, he decided it was time to upgrade his mailbox two years ago. “That’s kind of what compelled me to take a look at this seriously,” said Bolles, who lives with his wife Monica and son Gabriel on East Lake Sammamish Place. So he visited local hardware stores and investigated various locking mailbox options.

“There was one product that looked like it was okay,” said Bolles, who expressed disappointment about how easily one could pry open locking mailboxes with a rudimentary screwdriver. “I thought, I’m not seeing what I like. Maybe I ought to make one.”

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Mail Boss in Best Life Magazine

“Fraud Alert: Guard your mail, telephone, and computer to help prevent identity theft” Identity theft can happen to anyone, but there are certain steps one can take to decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim. Jay Foley, an activist who runs the Identity Theft Resource Center, shares his expert advice with Best Life Magazine. First…

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Seattle Digs the Mail Boss

Seattle Times calls MailBoss “virtually inpenetrable” Mail and identity theft has been increasing at an epidemic rate nationwide, and the Seattle area is no exception. A King County Prosecuting Attorney Policy Paper reads, “[…] during a time when the overall crime rate has dropped by more than 5%, reported mail theft has grown dramatically, suggesting…

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