P-57Cs Shredder Makes the Cut

As Americans have become increasingly aware of the prevalence of identity theft, paper shredders have become a household item. When looking for paper shredders, it is important not to skimp out on an cheap-o shredder that will jam or break easily. But who wants to drop a pretty penny on a paper shredder? For less than $100, though, there is a paper shredder that is a cut above the rest.

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Catch (Up) 22

The Venerable Paper Shredder: You can only shred the mail you get!

It never ceases to amaze me to learn that most of the people I talk to either own a paper shredder, burn, or cut up the personal information they receive at their homes. These people are wary to prevent this information from getting into the hands of identity thieves. When I ask them where they get this personal information, most of them think for a second or two and reply, “I guess most of it comes out of my mailbox”…

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Paper Shredder: A Dumpster Diver’s Bad Dream!

One common way thieves perpetuate identity theft is by stealing your personal information through dumpster diving, or sorting through your trash. Just what are they looking for? Anything with your personal information, including credit card statements, electricity bills, and so on. One simple thing you can do to protect yourself from dumpster diving identity thieves…

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