Identity Theft and Mail: Scammers Lurking!

Guest post by Garen Arnold of Report Online Scams It is so relevant that identity theft and mail fraud go hand in hand. What do I mean? Well typically a lot of fraud that has to do with identity theft roots back to people stealing your mail. I am sure that everyone knows that stealing…

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No One’s Identity Is Safe, Just Ask Todd Davis

The risks of identity theft can be pretty high. If you’re not vigilant with your personal information, it can get into the hands of the wrong individuals. No matter how trivial you think any piece of information may be, you never know what little bit could be used against you, provided it falls into the…

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LifeLock and ID Theft Protection

A review of LifeLock identity theft insurance

If you have been paying attention, you know that identity theft is a real problem. According to Identity Theft Labs, the number of Americans who have had their private and personal information compromised is staggering: over 217,000,000 in three years, resulting in 10 million victims every year. Because identity theft is lucrative and easy to get away with, ID theft rings are growing and fast in crime circles from meth addicts to mafia… and there has been an overwhelming corporate response to meet increased demand for identity theft protection. Enter LifeLock.

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