How to Stop Junk Mail

How to Stop Junk Mail: A Few Simple Ways to Eliminate Unwanted Mail It’s always a pleasure to receive good news, a card, a letter from a friend or a package when you open your Mail Boss locking mailbox. But who wants a pile of unwanted junk mail and advertisements cluttering up their mailbox? Your…

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Stop the Junk Mail!

Rid Yourself of Junkmail and Safeguard your Identity

Sick of sorting through all that junkmail? If you’re like most Americans, your mailbox is flooded with a waste of time and resources. A typical year’s worth of junk mail in the United States uses 62 million trees and 25 billion gallons of water! More importantly, it puts you at greater risk for identity theft. Every pre-approved credit card offer you receive is an invitation for mail thieves to open a credit card in your name and rack up the bills, ruining your good name in the process.

To stop the flow of junk-mail, make a 30-second phone call to the Credit Bureaus Main Opt-Out Line at 888-567-8688. You will be connected to an automated voice response system and you can opt-out of all credit-related offers for two years or permanently. If at some later point you want the credit offers to start flowing again, you can call back. If you choose to never again receive those offers, you will receive a form in the mail to fill out and return. (If you don’t send it back, your “lifetime” opt-out is reduced to 2 years.

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Family Gets 23 Pounds of Credit Card Apps!

Chicago Tribune reports family receives 445 credit applications in one year Many of us wonder just how many credit card offers we get in one year. Now, one family in Chicago decided to count them. And weigh them. According to this story in the Chicago Tribune, the Silbar family received 445 applications in one year,…

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