A Success Story for Mail Boss Mailbox Security

Tired of mailbox vandalism? See how our secure design stopped a determined thief in its tracks, keeping Phillip's mail safe. Discover Mail Boss's commitment to durable mailboxes and find the perfect solution for your home.

Keeping your mail safe shouldn’t be a gamble. Our customer Phillip from Bellevue, WA, knows this all too well. After years of mailbox woes and frustrated neighbors, Phillip turned to Mail Boss for a solution.

For over a decade, Phillip’s mailbox on his arterial street was a target for thieves. While his neighbors fell victim, Phillip’s Mail Boss mailbox held strong, with only minor pry marks to show for it.

This past weekend, however, Phillip faced his toughest test yet. A determined vandal attacked his mailbox, causing more damage than ever before. But even with significant prying, our secure design prevailed, keeping Phillip’s mail safe.

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Mail Boss Local Giveaway: Townhouse & Metro Locking Security Wall Mount Mailboxes! We would like to refresh the images of our Townhouse and Metro mailboxes and we need your help! If you are a resident homeowner in the greater Seattle/King County area and currently receive door-side mail delivery to a wall mount mailbox, please consider…

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Having difficulty deciding on the right mailbox?

Let our handy reference guide help you choose the perfect mailbox.

Here at Mail Boss, we get questions like this all the time;

“How do I pick the right mailbox?”
            “What’s the right mailbox for me?”
                       “What’s the best mailbox?” 
                                  “Which mailbox should I buy?”

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San Jose #BetterByBoss | Mailbox Burglary

After two mailbox break-ins, Stephen turns to Mail Boss Stephen contacted us after he heard about our #BetterByBoss promotion on NextDoor, a new social site that allows neighbors to connect with each other. He wrote to us: Our neighborhood (San Jose, CA 95127) has been hit with a recent string of mail theft/mailbox vandalism and…

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A True Life #BetterByBoss Success!

Neighbors replace burglarized mailboxes with Mail Boss, thieves return! Well here’s something that just doesn’t happen every day… A group of neighbors in Santa Rosa reached out to us back in April after their Oasis Jr mailboxes were burglarized. Below is one of the photos of the bank of mailboxes after the burglary. The neighbors all took…

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Kirstie Dumps Geneva Mailbox with #BetterByBoss

Kirstie in San Jose contacted us after her neighborhood was hit by a crow bar-wielding mail thief. Her Geneva locking mailbox by Architectural Mailboxes was among the “secure” mailboxes targeted. She wrote: “The back of my Architectural Mailboxes Geneva locking mailbox was pried open with crowbar, one of probably a dozen broken into in our…

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Judy Replaces Burglarized Mailbox with #BetterByBoss

Oasis Jr mailboxes pried open in Studio City, neighbors rally with BetterByBoss Judy and her neighbors in Studio City, California, bought locking mailboxes to help prevent mail theft. Unfortunately, a thief was open to pry open these locking mailboxes and steal their mail. The sad reality is that most locking mailboxes take only a second to…

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Olympia Neighbors Say Bye to Oasis with #BetterByBoss

Scott and his neighbors in Olympia Washington were recently the victims of mailbox burglary. All six of the Oasis Jr mailboxes by Architectural Mailboxes that they had purchased from Lowe’s Home Improvement in Olympia were pried open and the mail contents stolen. Scott wrote: “It wasn’t just my mailbox that got hit. A whole bunch…

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Tim Dumps Oasis Jr with #BetterByBoss

Tim of Seattle is taking advantage of the #BetterByBoss offer to replace his Oasis Jr. mailbox, which was pried open by a mail thief. By his account: “A couple of weeks ago my mail box was pried open and my mail was stolen. My neighbor’s Mailboss (on left of my box) was not damaged at…

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