Stop Mail Theft Cold

“Mail Theft” video packs a punch

This is a great, comical video that expresses our frustrations with having to worry about getting our mail stolen and living with that threat. There is a little voice in all of us (at least in me!) that wants to punch or inflict pain on anyone who has bad intentions for us or our property. Admit it or not, that is the “American Way” — and I embrace it.

What is not so funny is the fact that someone put this video up for a reason. Every day in every state, mail theft, and hence identity theft, is occurring in neighborhoods just like yours. Mail theft is growing at an epidemic rate, and the only way to control it is to own one of the very few high security locking mailboxes available for purchase.

The key word is high security. You can buy a locking mailbox for $49 or I will guarantee it can be opened by hand or with a small screwdriver. You can buy a locking mailbox for over $299 and it still may not be secure. A truly secure locking mailbox is going to cost you at least $199 and must have certain features, such as a high-security anti-pick lock and a mechanism to prevent prying and leveraged entry.

Consumers should really do their research before spending this much money on a locking mailbox that may or may not be secure. The Mail Boss curbside locking mailbox is a product you cannot beat for the money. It is truly secure mailbox for much less money than any other locking mailbox out there with similar security.

Take care of your MailBoss and it will give you a lifetime of security and dramatically reduce your odds of being the next victim of identity theft. Isn’t it worth the price to have peace of mind?

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