Steve Upgrades Mailsafe with #BetterByBoss

Steve found Mail Boss and the #BetterByBoss offer when searching for a more secure mailbox after his Mailsafe mailbox by Solar Group was broken into many times. He wrote to us:

“My mailbox is held closed with a bungee cord provided by my mail carrier after many break ins left my mailbox unable to close. [The MailSafe] was bought at Lowe’s.”

Here is the photo Steve shared of his burglarized Mailsafe Wall Mount locking mailbox, which he had installed in a column:

SolarGroup Mailsafe Burglarized

At first glance, the Mailsafe appears secure: Mail is deposited through a slot and a key is required to open the “secure” compartment below. However, the design leaves much to be desired in terms of pry-resistance.

While we recognize that nothing is theft proof, we do strive to offer locking mailboxes that deliver real security, that is, more than a moment’s deterrence to a screwdriver-wielding thief. The #BetterByBoss mailbox offer exists to help victims of mailbox burglary replace a locking mailbox that has been pried open with locking mailbox that is more difficult to pry open, namely, a curbside mailbox by Mail Boss.

To find out more about the #BetterByBoss promotion, go here.

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