SOLUS ID Says Identity Theft Originates with Mail Theft

ID Theft Specialist touts locking mailboxes as a necessity in identity theft prevention

SOLUS ID Theft Protection, like LifeLock, offers a “comprehensive identity theft protection solution” focused on prevention, detection and restoration. Their website also links to a very informative blog with identity theft protection news and tips. One of their identity theft specialists Julie Knubley recently published an article titled “Fight Back Against Mail Theft With Locking Mailboxes” (Oct 28, 2008) that emphasizes a critical point: Most identity theft originates from mail theft and a locking mailbox is a critical component in identity theft prevention.

“Believe it or not, most identity theft originates from mail theft. If you value your financial records and wish to prevent identity theft, locking mailboxes have become a necessity in today’s world, and a good one can prevent your mail from being stolen and reduce the risk of identity theft. In a matter of seconds a thief can walk or drive up to your house, open your mailbox and walk or drive away with credit card statements, bank statements, and a number of other personal letters that have information about you and your family. You lock your front door and your car, so what not lock your mailbox? Locking secure mailboxes come in many different types but not all of them are created equal. Poor quality mailboxes offer little more than a moment’s annoyance to an experienced mail thief.”

If this sounds familiar, its because we’ve said it here many times before.

  • From our section on Other Locking Mailboxes—”While many locking mailboxes appear secure, they offer only a moment’s deterrence to mail and identity thieves.”
  • From our “Mail Boss Video” article—”Most locking mailboxes appear secure, but offer only a moment of deterrence to mail thieves.”
  • From our article “Keep Your Mail Safe“—It is important to know that not all locking mailboxes will deter an experienced mailbox thief.”

The article continues:

“When choosing a locking mailbox, look for the following: Be sure you get one that will last, and that is made of solid weatherproof material. Are they all keyed individually, or are there just a few tumbler styles to choose from? Choose a security mailbox that is approved for use by the Postmaster general. Get a mailbox large enough for all your mail; especially while away on vacation. Get one that will not need professional installation, unless you’re prepared to pay much more for it. Consider where you want the mail retrieval door. Some are located in the rear. Be sure all exposed lock surfaces are tamper and wrench proof. Is the construction welded together, or just pop-riveted?”

The Mail Boss would be the perfect first defense in identity theft protection, according to this ID Theft Protection expert’s guidelines in choosing a locking mailbox.

  • 12- and 14-gauge galvanized steel construction built to last
  • Heavy-duty powder coated finish prevents weather damage
  • Keyed individually for ultimate security
  • USPS Approved by the Post Master General
  • High capacity mail storage holds several days of mail
  • Patent-pending Fast-Trak Mounting Plate allows for quick & easy installation
  • Patented anti-pry latch prevents leveraged entry
  • No pop-rivets, all welded steel construction with stainless steel hinges

The article concludes:

“There is no sure-fire way to prevent mail theft. Preventing such identity theft requires security products, especially a locking mailbox. Security products like the lcoking mailboxes are one giant step in the right direction when it comes to identity-theft protection.”

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