Security Mailboxes Offer ID Theft Protection

Locking Mailboxes Protect Your Good Name

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the nation, according to the FTC. Millions of Americans become victims of identity theft each year, so protection is a must. One of the many ways criminals steal your identity can happen right at your front door. Your mailbox is a prime target for identity thieves, who can find a wealth of sensitive mail, bills and other private documents with little effort. Most people are cautious about what mail is put in the trash, using a paper shredder when necessary. However, most of these sensitive documents originate in an unlocked mailbox.

People are cautious with their personal information, not daring to provide their social security number or account information over the phone. These precautions are necessary, as is one method of protection that is not new but is proven to reduce identity theft: a security locking mailbox.

Locking mailboxes have been around for many years, and a high-quality security locking mailbox can offer real protection against identity theft. With a heavy-gauge steel mailbox, you need not worry about hooligans with baseball bats or criminals with prying hands and sticky fingers. With a locking security mailbox, your mail and small packages are safe behind a locked door.

For those who travel for work or enjoy frequent weekend get aways, you need not be concerned that your mail is accumulating for anyone to take. A locking mailbox allows you to relax, knowing your mail is safe until your return.

Locking mailboxes are available in many types and styles. Rural curbside locking mailboxes are available for the standard mailbox, but if you prefer your mailbox conveniently mounted on your house or condominium, wall mount mailboxes are also available in locking styles.

Locking security mailboxes are a great safety choice for identity theft prevention, but a heavy-gauge steel mailbox is also a smart choice because it will last for a very long time with little need for maintenance. High-quality locking mailboxes can keep you from becoming one of the 9 million Americans each year that are victims of fraud and identity theft.


  1. Sarah S. on June 17, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    I have been an avid paper shredder user for years now. It is crazy that I never made the connection before… I am shredding my mail.. credit card offers, bills, statements, etc. so that someone doesn’t find it in my trash. Its so obvious – its so much easier to get from an unlocked mailbox than a dumpster! – and cleaner! Thanks, for helping me see the light!

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