San Jose #BetterByBoss | Mailbox Burglary

After two mailbox break-ins, Stephen turns to Mail Boss

Stephen contacted us after he heard about our #BetterByBoss promotion on NextDoor, a new social site that allows neighbors to connect with each other. He wrote to us:

Our neighborhood (San Jose, CA 95127) has been hit with a recent string of mail theft/mailbox vandalism and our Oasis Jr. was broken into TWICE last week. I’ve attached a photo of the damage. Thanks, Stephen

Here is the photo he provided of his Oasis Jr locking mailbox, which was broken into twice in one week.


While no mailbox (including the Mail Boss) is theft proof, some are much more difficult than others to break into with a common screwdriver. We like to think that if a would-be mail thief has to spend a significant amount of time trying to get into a mailbox, (s)he will move onto an easier target. That’s why we design the Mail Boss mailboxes to stand up against prying and leveraged entry.

If you are a victim of mailbox burglary and would like to get a better box, learn more about the #BetterByBoss offer here.

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